KontentXpress Reviews – Ugly Truths Revealed!

Welcome to my KontentXpress reviews!

KontentXpress creator claims that, this software is a unique system that can generate income in minutes. But, is that true?

This is what we are going to find out in this review.

First thing first, congratulations for taking the time to do your own research before spending your money into any product online.

That’s the way to avoid scams, and find the Legitimate way to make money online!

But, what is KontentXpress about, really? How does it work? Will it be able to deliver on its promises to you? Can you really make money with this software? At last, Is KontentXpress a scam? This post will cover these basic questions, as well as provide the pros and cons.

If this sounds good to you, get comfy, grab a snack, and pay close attention because I’m going to give you an honest KontentXpress review, and why you should avoid it at any cost.

As usual, to save you time, I summarize my reviews in the beginning… But you are welcomed to still read the whole review if you want to. Enjoy.

KontentXpress Reviews Summary

KontentXpress Reviews summary

Name: KontentXpress Software

Creator: OJ James

Product Type: WordPress Plugin

Price: Front End $21

Upsells: Yes

Rank: 2/100

Verdict: The method used in this KontentXpress software is terrible, and it does absolutely nothing of any value. In fact, the software helps you steals other people’s content on the web. Meaning, your content will be duplicate, and people won’t find your site organically. You will have to share it to as many people as you can. Not only that, they also use Fake Income proofs and Fake testimonials on their sales page. It’s simply a scam!

Not Recommended! Invest your time and money elsewhere.

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What is KontentXpress about?

In a nutshell, KontentXpress is a piece of software that allows you to steal other people’s content and use it to make money yourself.

Yeah, I know this is terrible as a business!

By the way, it’s similar to another product I’ve recently reviewed called Pockitz.

Pros and Cons

Pros: What’s good

  • None

Cons: What’s not good

  • Steal content from other on the web
  • Fake Income proofs
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Not Needed. Useless

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How Does KontentXpress Work?

The actual software itself is just a plugin on a wordpress site.

So, you need to have wordpress to start with. Once you have it, here are the 3 steps:

Step 1: Enter a keyword and find content for any niche.

Step 2: Publish with the press of a button.

Step 3: And wait… To see if you get any traffic.

In fact, you won’t get any traffic. But this, I’ll explain further in this review.

Let’s Explore the features inside the Plugin

After installing the plugin, you will be able to see it in your wordpress back office. Once you open it, you can see the dashboard.

KontentXpress Dashboard

Let’s have a look on the different components.


This is basically the curation builder. This is just a way to search for content on the internet that you want to use for your own site.

this image shows a blank page where you can start writing content

So, this is nothing more than a wordpress editor. For example you can enter any search and press “GO”, this will give you lots of different articles about the topic you searched for.

All you have to do next is use some of the articles found, and use them in your own posts.

But this is very bad, you can’t just go ahead and pinch other people’s content off the web! It’s not Legal. You are just breaking people’s copyright, because I’ve noticed that once you publish any of this stolen content, it’s not giving credit to the original creator of this, which, at the very least you are supposed to do. You are not supposed to take credit for their work.

So, keep in mind that all it’s doing is pinching other people’s content for you to use.

Honestly, this isn’t a business. You can’t just steal people’s content. And Google will punish your site for any duplicate content. So, your content won’t rank on the search engines. Also, there’s no training on how to monetize any of this.

Think carefully before buying this type of software.

Image Editor

This is where you can upload images from your Gallery, and edit them. That’s all, nothing more.

The creator of this KontentXpress plugin is just selling you wordpress, which is free. This is why I think the entire software is useless.

Buying this software is a complete waste of time and money.

Why not just to go to wordpress and do it for free? And you can use Canva to edit any type of images.

Video Tutorials

This is just a very basic overview of the product. You only have 2 videos explaining the curation builder, and Image editor.

This is a very simple piece of software.

KontentXpress Ugly Truths Revealed!

Fake income proofs

Most of those new products that claim to be able to help people make money online use Fake income proofs! But this doesn’t surprise me anymore. I have reviewed a ton of them.

On the KontentXpress sales page, some income proofs are showed as you can see below.

this image shows a KontentXpress fake income proof on the sales page
this image shows Another fake income proof

This is the results they claim they have made through this software, using this process. If you are brand new, you’ll probably not understand what’s going on here. But, when I look at one of their recent launches from a month or so, It was called SociProfix, I’ve found out that the income proofs showed on their sales page are the exact same with KontentXpress.

Yeah, that’s right. Have a look below.

this image shows the headline on the socioprofix software sales page
This image shows the fake income proofs used on the KontentXpress sales page

If you look back at the screenshot about the KontentXpress I provided earlier, you’ll notice that they are both similar. It’s the same BS graphic.

Fake Testimonials

If they use fake income proofs, of course they will do the same with the testimonials. Have a look at the screenshot below from KontentXpress sales page, especially the one I framed.

this image shows another fake testimonial by Firos Alameh and Venkata Ramana

Now, Have a look at this screenshot below from the SociProfix.

this image shows a fake testimonial from Venkata Ramana on the KontentXpress software sales page

This is just repeated over and over again. They are just copying and pasting the testimonials. What more do you expect from this type of software.

None of this is true, and it’s a complete waste of time, and unfortunately a waste of your money as well.

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KontentXpress Pricing & Upsells

Front End: $21

Upsell 1: KontentXpress Platinum ($67)

Upsell 2: Serp Xpress ($47)

Upsell 3: Traffic Xpress ($37)

Upsell 4: Link Xpress ($47)

Upsell 5: Stealth Xpress ($37)

Is KontentXpress a scam? Final word

First off, thanks for reading this KontentXpress review. I really hope you have gained value from it.

After all the ugly truths exposed in this review, I can 100% say this product is a SCAM!

This is going to be duplicate content. None of the sites they provide will rank, and It’s not going to be organically seeing. You’ll have to share it to as many people as you can to get people across it and look at it. There’s no idea on how you are going to monetize it, They need to add training for it to have any kind of worth. But Even so, you can just do all of that in wordpress.

As you guessed, I wouldn’t Recommend it.

Mind you, making money online is the result of learning from a proven method, be surrounded by a great community, and working hard to build your business. Not by stealing other people’s content.

So, my advice to you is, Stop chasing shiny objects.

Rather, if you are a beginner trying to make it into the online world the right way, I highly suggest you to have a look at my #1 Recommendation.

This is where you’re going to learn exactly how to do affiliate marketing while blogging, and be able to create unique content that rank.

The awesome part is you get FREE Training, and a FREE website to get you started.

Don’t take my word for it though.

Have any question related to this KontentXpress reviews, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks for the support!

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12 replies on “KontentXpress Reviews – Ugly Truths Revealed!”

Oh my God, a software that steals content from people’s websites? Even if the websites have copyright? That is bad … I can’t believe that people actually sign up for this. Are users aware of this when they sign up? Fake income proofs and selling you stuff that you can get for free, this is just screaming scam …

Thank you for alerting us to this. I can’t believe that they promote the theft of other bloggers’ hard work. I am staying away form KontentXpress …

Hi Christine, thanks for reaching out. 

Yeah, unfortunately this is a sad reality. People that join this type of programs are usually newbies, who knows nothing about affiliate marketing and blogging. This is why those scammers use this opportunity to make them spend as much money as possible into those crappy products… And when they realize, it’s too late, the money is gone.

My goal is to report this type of programs.

I’m glad you have been enlightened by this KontentXpress review.


Thank you very much for writing this review on kontent xpress. I just came across a FaceBook post advertising it. So, I’m happy to have made some research before buying it. From what I can see here, kontentxpress is a no for me and should be avoided completely. Why would someone sign up for something that steals content from another website?? That’s just really bad, thanks for this eye opener. 

Hey Sophie, thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, those who sign up for KontentXpress are beginners who knows absolutely nothing about blogging or affiliate marketing. So, they have no idea they aren’t supposed to steal other people’s content.

Most people want to make money so bad that, they don’t even think twice before spending their money into this type of software. They’re sold a dream. And unfortunately they end up regretting it.

This is what’s called “Chasing Shiny Objects”.


Thank you so much for the eye opening review. It is really important that we make our own research to avoid scams. I once signed up for a similar product and it was just bad news and lost money in the process. The concept is just wrong using other peoples content to make money is unacceptable 

Hi Bogadi. I’m sorry that you have lost money before. Actually, It also happened to me before, that’s why I’ve decided to expose online scams…. Unfortunately, many people are being scam more and more online, this is inevitable.

Thanks for reaching out.

Hi, warren, 

I saw this program on Instagram, and it seemed so cool.

KontentXpress turned out to be just the opposite actually How sad it is that this is what entrepreneurship has been reduced to. Stealing money and content from other people. 
I wish the internet regulators could take some strict action against such defaulters. they are the ones that bring a bad name to the whole online world.



Absolutely Aparna. Unfortunately those type of software make the affiliate marketing business model looks bad. KontentXpress, just like many others software out there, doesn’t do a great job, and the sad reality is that many beginners are going to lose money trying to make money with this software.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Thanks for this KontentXpress review. At least I won’t put my money into this software. If I have to invest in a business, I want it to be a legit one, something where I don’t need to steal other people’s content in order to make money. That’s very disgusting. With this knowledge on Kontent Xpress that I have now acquired from reading this article, I will be sure to be very cautious.


Hi there! This is an expository write up and I must say I’m glad I came across it because it’s an eye opener. The information contained in the write up are valuable and note worthy. To do my part in taking this to a wider audience so individuals should know that there’s a software out there that steals content from people’s website., I’m going to share with friends and family so a larger audience can be aware of this KontentXpress software. Thanks for putting this through also.

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