Is 3 Step Method a Scam? Ugly Truths Exposed!

Welcome to my 3 Step Method review!

It’s likely that you’re a beginner thinking about joining the 3 step method, and you want to know if this system works and most importantly, if you can make money from this product.

Great for you, you’re in the right place.

First off, I must congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any “apparently good” product.

This is the way to avoid scams and find the Legitimate way to make money online.

To be upfront with you right from the start, I’m not affiliated with 3 Step Method.

So, rest assured that I’m not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I’m here to reveal All about this product.

But, what is 3 Step Method about, really? Who is it for? Will it be able to deliver on its promises to you? Is 3 Step Method a scam or Legit product? This post will cover those basic questions and even more.

If this sounds good to you, get comfy, grab a snack, and pay close attention, because I’m going to give you a completely unbiased and objective 3 Step Method reviews.

1. The 3 Step Method Review: Summary

Product Name : 3 Step Method

Founder : Unknown

Product type : Affiliate marketing program

Price : $37

Upsells : YES rating : 5/100

Verdict : The system is flawed, there’s no money to be made. Fake testimonials, Fake owner information.

Not Recommended. Invest your time and money somewhere else.

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2. What is 3 Step Method ?

3 Step method is a program offered through ClickBank and claims to be a training program that teaches affiliate marketing and shows you how to profit in 3 simple steps.

Here is their Landing page below.

ClickBank is a Legitimate marketplace for internet marketers to sell their products, but the vast majority of them have questionable quality.

3. 3 Step Method – Pros & Cons

Pros :

Money back guarantee through ClickBank

Cons :

×Fake testimonials

×Fake owner’s details

×Upsells after joining

×Misleading income claims

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4. How does 3 Step Method work ?

When you first arrive at 3 Step Methods’s site, you are greeted with a video that takes you through the sales pitch. The program’s founder never reveals himself, rather he talks about the big profits that you can make with his system.

The sales pitch is everything you’d expect from a typical online scam…

Keep in mind that the landing page doesn’t actually explain how the program works. You’ll have to give them your email address first before they tell you anything.

This is a trick I have seen many times just so they can send other similar programs which usually includes lots of upsells. I had to use my dummy email account to sign up for the program, in order to be able to uncover what needed to be uncovered.

5. Who is 3 Step method for ?

Unfortunately there’s no one out there I’d recommend that program to. I’ll list down all the reasons further in this review.

6. What are those 3 Steps ?

Here we go. the name of the program is “3 Step Method”… Now you were probably wondering, why 3 ? Why not 4,5,6…

I’ll tell you what it’s all about.

basically, the program claims to be able to teach you how to make money in 3 steps :

  • Choosing your niche or subject : The program tries to make this step look insignificant when in fact, it’s crucial to choose a niche that interests you and one that you can write about continuously. They just tell you to find a niche you want to work with without telling you the reasons why.
  • Sourcing digital Assets : This refers to blogs, websites, and social media sites that you use as a platform for your niche. In a nutshell, 3 step method is recommending you to create a website because this is the most lucrative strategy to build an affiliate marketing business.
  • Earn Commission : Affiliate marketing is all about making money through your affiliate links. You earn a percentage once someone makes a purchase.

But unfortunately what they don’t really show you in the videos or anywhere on the site is how to go about with all the 3 steps.

7. 3 Step method Pricing

The initial cost for the core product is $37. Then you’ll find the upsells once you fork over the money to them.

Let me break this down for you :

  • $97 – Apparently will triple your earnings.
  • $147 – According to them, this will give you a pre-built website that generates more money for you.
  • $47 – This grant you access to their insider secrets to 6 figures per year.

what’s very funny is that the above upsells do not show you at all how to drive traffic, therefore, they don’t implement your online venture. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to make money without traffic ? Seriously.

This sucks because they make you believe that those upsells are necessary when in fact, they’re worthless.

Note that, those upsells are nothing but affiliate products of the 3 step method program( From which they’ll earn if you buy them).

8. 3 Step Method Ugly Truths Exposed!

Here we go again…

A/ Fake owner information

Once inside the video presentation area, you will see the spokesperson that shows you the program.

As he doesn’t identify himself as being the owner, and you’d probably think that he’s part of the staff at 3 Steps Method.

So I did some digging, and found out that, this guy on the sales page is a Fiverr actor, which is a marketplace for freelance content. And to be honest, he does an amazing job at pretending to be that one dude who earns top dollars using the program.

The actor has been given a script to convince you that he’s profiting great time. This is very misleading.

This is becoming very common now among ClickBank products. As a matter of fact, I’ve reviewed similar Clickbank products like 30 Day Success Club, 7 Minutes daily profits. They all use this Fiverr to hire actors.

B/ Fake Customer Testimonials

On their website, There’s a YouTube review and some written reviews about the program.

Regarding the YouTube video, this guy claimed that he’s made a lot of money using 3 step method.

Unfortunately, he’s just a Fiverr actor and just like the sales pitch guy, he was paid to run a generic script for the program.

The Legit programs have no issues in showing REAL members testimonials with their results and are extremely proud of this.

The good news is, being a ClickBank product, the 3 Step Method comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

C/ No vital elements on their training

They don’t teach you how to go about with finding niches, creating websites, and so on. Those are all important steps to affiliate marketing, but 3 step method doesn’t do that unfortunately. They prefer to focus on their useless upsells!

How are you supposed to succeed if you are not taught the most vital techniques to build an affiliate marketing business?!

D/ Misleading Income Claims

On their landing page, the dude on the video says you can earn $10,000 a month with very little effort or experience. He also mentions near the end of the presentation that you’ll only have to spend no more than 20 minutes per week on the online business.

This is so funny though. It’s simply not possible to build a legit 10k online putting in 20 minutes per week.

Well, maybe in our dreams LOL…

Earning that type of money online normally takes time and effort with the right training, help, and support.

As a matter of fact, Here is the right training to learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

9. Is the 3 Step Method a Scam ? Final Thoughts

First off, thanks for taking your time to read the 3 Step Method reviews. I really hope you’ve gained value from it.

However, there’re just too many red flags which encourage me to believe this product is a scam and a complete waste of time.

Of course, ClickBank may help you get your money back because of their guarantee, but the program will always try to get other people’s money.

This is why I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone trying to make money online.

Mind you, making money online is the result of learning from a proven method, and working hard to build your business. Not by using some useless program that only wants to take money from you.

So, my advice to you is stop chasing shiny objects.

Rather, learn to build a strong foundation through the best affiliate marketing training platform(Free).

Learn more now!

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for the support !

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