what is project 24 by income school ? – review

If you are here today, that means you are probably wondering what is project 24 by income school.

Indeed, if you search on YouTube for topics like “How to build a niche site and quit your job”, “Niche site case studies”, you might have probably come across Jim and Rick from .

They are very likable and easy to watch. They give off a professional vibe in their videos, and are as entertaining as they provide useful information.

But, what is project 24 by income school about, really ? How does it work ? Who is it made for ? Are people getting results ? Is Income School a Scam? This post will cover those basic questions as well as provide the Pros and Cons and my #1 Alternative.

By the way, I know sometimes it can be overwhelming to read large blocks of content, that’s why I made sure to keep this review brief, controlled, while being sure to give you the most important information you need to know, that will help you make an informed decision.

Let’s start from the beginning…

1.What is Project 24 by Income school about?

Income School is primarily a website and YouTube channel about building passive income websites. It was launched in 2015.

The niche sites they build are mainly monetized with affiliate marketing and display ads.

Now you must probably wonder but what is Project 24 ?

Project 24 is an online course that pledges to teach you how to build passive income websites.

It’s called project 24 because it is expected to take students at least two years before they are earning job replacement income (passive income).

But, as with any other honest course out there, results aren’t guaranteed.

Here is the Income school Homepage :

2.Meet the owners

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler are from Idaho in the United States. They started building niche sites in 2010 and launched Income School in 2015.


They have had lots of success in online world : like having started several niche websites that generates thousands of dollars per month.

They both share lots of advice for building a niche site in their free YouTube videos.


3.Income School project 24 Overview & Ranking

Name : Income School project 24

website URL :

Training : 3.9 out of 5

Support : 3.8 out of 5

Price : $449/one time fee and $199/renewable each year rating : 3.9 out of 5 stars

Verdict : Great program, but there’s much better with more tools out there.


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Now let’s see the Pros and Cons


4.Pros and Cons

Pros :

Regular updates

A community very engaged to support you along

Credible instructors

They reveal their sites



Cons :

×No keywords tools

×No links building

×$449 may be a high obstacle for some, especially as we know that you will have to spend more money on a domain and hosting…

×The course is new, so there is no success stories to say students have gotten a passive income in 24 months.


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5.How is Income School project 24 different from others ?

The three biggest things Income school do differently :

  • No Link building

Jim and Ricky seem to consider any kind of “active link building” to be a “spam” practice that increases the risk of your site being penalized by google.

I personally do not agree with their perception of things. Every blogger knows how important “link building” is.

  • No keyword tools

According to Jim and Ricky, premium keyword tools are so inaccurate that they are effectively useless.

  • They reveal their sites

Income school have revealed many of the sites they own and operate, While most affiliate marketer prefer to keep it secret.



6.Who is project 24 for ?

  • Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business
  • Works well for people who simply want to learn a long-term sustainable way to make money online
  • Works well for existing businesses who want to do business online
  • Those to want to buy an established niche website and turn it into a profitable asset.
  • Those considering buying and selling niche websites for profit

7.Who is project 24 not for ?

  • Anyone expecting to “get-rich-quick”

as the name implies, the goal of project 24 is to help you build up your niche site income over a two-year period, to the point where it matches your regular incomes. So patience is a need.

  • People short on time

Income school says you can build a niche site in only an hour a day.

  • Anyone who dislikes an “instinctive” approach to building a business

Indeed, project 24 students are advised not to use keyword tools, which the reasoning that such tools are inaccurate. They say that the approach to keyword research relies on guesswork and intuition.

Once again, I don’t agree with their perception. Every successful blogger today uses a keyword tool, that makes them rank higher in search engine.

8.Income school tools and training

Inside Project 24, you will find an abundance of digital marketing training such as :

  • 60 steps to a profitable website
  • SEO
  • Picking profitable niches
  • Web Traffic Snowball
  • How to hire and train writers
  • Photography
  • Email Marketing 101…

Here is what the courses homepage looks like inside the project 24 :==>


The platform is always updated with training being added on a consistent basis.

9.What does project 24 by Income school do great ?

  • Jim and Ricky answer lots of questions in the comments of their videos
  • They have an exclusive podcast and vlog for members
  • They are actively adding new courses and content
  • They don’t recommend their students to buy lots of expensive tools like landing pages, funnel software etc.
  • Income school does a great job at creating engaging videos and audio content

10.What doesn’t Project 24 by income school do well ?

  • They don’t include SaaS like other programs do
  • A late focus on monetization
  • No link building
  • No keywords search
  • Missing videos, Missing text (Almost all the lessons inside project 24 are videos only, making it difficult to refer back to the material)

11.Project 24 Pricing

Project 24 is a course made to help you build your first niche site. The regular price is listed as $449 for the first year and $199 per year thereafter

So, if you stay in the course for a full 24 months(two years), you will spend a total of $648 for the training.

Also be aware that there is a minimal additional expense to follow the 60 steps. In fact, you will also have to spend money on a domain and hosting.

Unlike my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training, where you get free hosting as a starter member…

12.Project 24 refund Policy

Project 24 does not give refunds, unless there was a technical issue with your payment.

13.Are students getting results ? Does it work ?

It is clear that yes, some students appear to be getting good results following the project 24 training.

To help you steer clear, I did some digging. Here is an example below :



14.My final opinion of project 24 by Income school

At the end of this review, it should be remembered that project 24 is an amazing course. Jim and Ricky are two credible and trusted guys who had and are still having lots of success in building niche websites, and want to help others achieve the same thing. So, I recommend it…

However, the concept of a full time passive income in 24 months hasn’t been proven yet in mass.

Also, the price can be a bit high for those with a tight budget and who are just starting in the online world…

If you are a newbie in the online world, and looking to start from scratch and for FREE, I suggest you to try my #1 recommendation.

Here is my Top Alternative :

  • If you want to learn from another proven strategy for success online
  • If you need a great hosting solution
  • If you want a company that teaches you ethical ways to make money online
  • if you want a powerful keyword research tool
  • If Project 24 is too expensive for you at the moment

In this case, I highly suggest you to have a look at my #1 recommended Internet Marketing Training : Wealthy Affiliate

And you know the best part, It’s absolutely FREE to join.

So, if you are new in the online world, why not to give it a try ? There is nothing to lose, but a lot to earn trust me.



If you have any question, Please consider leaving it below and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for the support.









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9 replies on “what is project 24 by income school ? – review”

Well! This is really an indepth view about this project 24. I have heard a lot about it before but I never knew show interest in it. But looking at the way you have presented the details here, I can only say that you have provided some very detailed information in here and I will love of give them trial. Thanks so much for sharing this out here. I really appreciate your overview here

I received an email inviting me to join Income School project 24. The invitation seemed serious and solid. And I’m glad to read on your post that they seem to be a legit site. But I’m even more excited to discover that I could join better options. Thanks for stating the things that Project 24 has and doesn’t have. I’ll check into the alternatives.

Project 24 is a great program for affiliate marketing but there are better alternatives in my opinion. You’ve obviously put in a great effort in explaining how Project 24 works. Thank you for that.

You’ve also given the alternative called as Wealthy Affiliate. This is a great alternative but you should also check Authority Hacker.

They are a bit like Wealthy Affiliate, but the only difference is that you have to pay to get access to the platform. Not like wealthy affiliate where you can start for free.

Hey there, Thanks for reaching out.

I heard of Authority Hacker, and I’ll review their program as well.

And yeah, as you said, wealthy affiliate gets you started for free… Actually they give for free what other programs out there ask you to pay for. This is why it’s the best…

And I always encourage newbies to get started for free, instead of paying huge amount of money for a program, and don’t even know if it’s worth the money…

Take care

Hi Warren, nice to meet you. Jim and Ric sounded pretty good too. 

I liked your presentation.

So if I understand correctly, once you finish the course, you get to work from a platform of like-minded people. Is this correct?

The pros sounded good but I wasn’t very enthusiastic after reading the cons.

The learn more link had me intrigued, but I hesitated to click because of my lost enthusiasm. Where would it have taken me?

I then skipped to the end to see your final words.



Hey Garry, Thanks for reaching out.

Not only once you finish the course, you get access to experienced members once you join…

Regarding your second question, the links would take you to my wealthy affiliate review page, Where you can learn more about this great program and start your affiliate marketing journey for free.

Hope I answered your questions.


I have seen project 24 on YouTube before and they have good knowledge about how to set up and run a successful website. They come at things from a different angle in their approach to affiliate marketing. They do not recommend keyword research or link building which have been proven by other platforms to work well. Their course is a bit pricy and the support is not very good so for some people it may not be worth it. But they do have a rather large following and many people have had good results with them so it is up to the individual if they think it is worthwhile to spend their money on their course.

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