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2 thoughts on “Is Four Percent Group a Scam? What They Don’t Tell You
  1. Hello Warren, thanks for the info. It was to see someone display honest non-bias opinions. I have been struggling to make ANY money online for about 4 yrs now. No exaggeration there at all. Of course I haven’t given up and doubt that I ever will lol.i don’t even know where to start anymore. If you have any suggestions for someone with zero dollars to start somewhere I would be all ears and eyes lol. I have been on disability for 8 yrs now and have spent all of my savings to no avail. talk soon!

    1. Hi, Andrew. Thanks for reaching out.

      I understand your frustration. Many folks search for different ways to make money online but most of them can’t seem to find the right way to start and the majority end up being scammed, unfortunately.

      To be honest with you, starting a real online business with zero dollars is almost impossible. You have to make some sacrifices in order to start a proper business and gain this freedom…

      A place like Wealthy Affiliate, which is my number 1 recommendation lets you start for absolutely free. You should definitely check it out and see if this is for you or not. Remember, you have nothing to loose right? I mean it’s free to get started. So why not give it a try…

      Talk soon

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