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Affiliate Marketing For Newbies-Learn The Basics & Start Today

Affiliate Marketing For Newbies. Learn the basics here
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If you want to start Affiliate marketing in 2021 and beyond, and you are a complete newbie, stick to the end of this guide because you are going to learn absolutely everything you need to know about this amazing business opportunity, and get started today.

The good news is at the end of this article you are going to have the opportunity to learn more and join the best affiliate marketing training community in the world for free…

Here is a simple and easy guide to understand and follow for anyone wanting to start an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing For Newbies: The Basics

Evey online marketer have followed, and keep following the process you are about to learn.

Without further due, let’s get started.

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The Process

Here is the process everyone uses to start an affiliate marketing business:

Step 1: Choose a good niche/product. This products are made by others people, and we get a commission by selling that on their behalf.

Step 2: Set up your platform. You need a place to sell and advertise those products right? This can be a blog, YouTube channel, etc.

Step3: Develop your content. This can be a blog post, video, social media post. There are so many ways you can develop content, but it is very crucial to develop unique and very good content.

Step 4: You need to Drive Traffic. This is the the most important piece to be successful as an affiliate marketer. You will find out further in this article various methods to drive traffic.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat. Whatever content you build, keep doing it, repeat the whole process and get more and more visitors over to your offers, and you will have much more success.

Here are some recommended tools that you will absolutely need as a complete newbie in order to do affiliate marketing properly.

  • Domain. This is your brand
  • Website. This is your real estate property
  • Page Builder
  • Graphics. Canva can be useful here.
  • Keyword Tool. This is very important to figure out what type of things people are searching within your particular niche. Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool out there.
  • Autoresponder. Crucially, you need to be able to collect people details so you can market them. A good one can be Aweber.

Picking a Product

  • Choose a niche. Ideally this is something you are interested in, because you will be building content around that niche. Keep in mind that whatever that niche is, you need to figure out whether there is an audience there for the particular products you are going to promote.
  • Pick some quality products or services. Obviously you need to provide great stuffs to your audience so they can trust you. You certainly don’t want to offer them useless products.
  • Review Affiliate material within the affiliate sites of those products to see if there is some useful information you can use…
  • Grab the Affiliate Link.
  • Select content type to create. This is important to add that affiliate link to. Again, this could be blog post, YouTube videos, it could also be social media posts.

So, when you get started, it is always advisable to pick one, and really concentrate on that.

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Types of products

Affiliate marketing is absolutely great because it gives you the opportunity to promote anything you want.

Let’s see some sites where you can go and find products:





Those three sites sell a lot of cheap digital products that you can get started with.


You can sell physical products on places such us:

They all give you a commission to sell products. Keep in mind that there are many more platforms to promote pysical products.

Internet Services

  • Videos Editing
  • Hosting Services
  • Page Builders

You can sell those services and actually make  commissions. Everybody needs this type of services. So, it’s ideal for people to come along as affiliate marketers and advertise for them.

Of course there is much more other products and services that people can promote online. There is others great platforms like AWIN, Flex offers, Target Affiliates.

You can just explore them all, and see what type of products they have to offer.


There are various type of ways you can get traffic.

Keep in mind that traffic is the hardest thing to do online, and this is what takes people the most time to really take over.

Now, what you need to do as a newbie is stick with one method, and really make sure to optimize that before you move on to many more.

If you do decide to advertise on all of them at the same time, you will have to put content in too many places and you won’t really get the success you deserve.

I actually use a Blog as my main place to advertise, I feel more comfortable with that. I also advertise on social media, but this is because I have already been here for a while.

But for you, as a beginner, choose one that you are more comfortable with, and then only when you are more experienced, you can move on.

Here is the list of places you can advertise as an affiliate:

  • SEO. This is basically Blogging.
  • Social media. Here you have FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Email Marketing. Once you start building your list, you can use your own email list.
  • YouTube. This can be a very powerful way to generate free traffic.
  • Paid Ads. As a beginner, I don’t recommend that to you because it can cost you a lot of money and sometimes they are not as effective as people think they are, and you can spend a lot of money to optimize them. But they can also be a great way to generate traffic if you really know how to use it.


First off, thanks for reading this guide about Affiliate Marketing for newbies. I really hope you have gained value from it. This was just a quick overview of what is needed to start affiliate marketing online.

Now, if you want more details about this, and get started right away and for free, it is completely simple.

In fact, I have written an in-depth beginners guide that explains the whole process, gives you the benefits and shows you exactly how you can get started right away and take advantage of this amazing business model.

This is where you are going to have the opportunity to join for free the best affiliate marketing training in the Industry… But don’t take my word for it.

Have any question or would like to mention something I forgot to cover? Feel free to leave it in the comment section below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for the support!

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