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Is ClickBanks Right for me?

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As a website owner you have finally achieved some level of traffic and now ready to monetize your traffic. Congrats! Now that you have done the hard work of driving all of that awareness about the topic you write about you need to select the right platform to use to convert that traffic into revenue. As you do searches you will find a very popular option in Clickbanks. Clickbanks is an affiliate marketing platform that has been around for a very long time and launched way back in 1998. In that time Clickbanks has run the brand reputation tour as it has changed and pivoted to mature and grow over the last two decades.

Over the time the affiliate marketing program has been around it has established itself as an amazing opportunity for website owners to make a lot of money. With over six million content providers using the solution, you are in good company at this point to use the platform to make some real wealth on your website. The platform has a wide marketing offering which means unlike other affiliate marketing programs like Amazon which tends to do better for specific niche sites, The Clickbank affiliate marketing offering really works with a wider range of topics and site content to make it a good fit for pretty much anyone.

Top Reasons to use Clickbanks affiliate program

Easy for beginners: If you are just getting started, this program is perfect for you. The process to get signed up, approved and start adding ads to your website is pretty straightforward and quick. The best part of course for new website owners, is that the affiliate marketing program is free to use and get going so this helps you get off the ground.

Wide Range of Categories: There is a really great width to the Clickbank Ads so this allows you to use their software typically regardless of the niche or topic you are writing about. As with any ads based program, some topics will always pay more than others but you will be able to use this for your website for the majority of websites.

Good Commissions: Clickbanks pays up to 75% or higher on commissions and are known to make quick payments for their clickthrough and sales for affiliate marketing. This makes it a great way to earn some cash quick and easy for your existing website.

Now, not everything is great with Clickbanks. As I mentioned they have some negatives about using them which you should be aware of before you get started.

The negatives of using Clickbank affiliate marketing platform

Free is not always free. While it is a free ads network, they do have fees based on inactive or dormant accounts. What this means is that if you do not have any sales for a 90 day period where you have literally earned no clicks than you start to get charged $1 a day for your Clickbank account and usage. With this you really need to determine when is the right time to join an affiliate marketing program. If you do not have any traffic yet or really just getting started, this program may not be the best if you do not anticipate enough traffic to drive clicks to your ads.

Tough Competition. Like any catalogue, they have some great products and unfortunately some low-quality products. As a result, given the amount of content providers that use the network, the best products have heavy competition which sometimes leaves low quality products hanging around. If you select a low-quality product you put your brand at risk as your traffic will not trust you to provide recommendations in the future.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to give Clickbanks a try for your website, the first thing you need to do is go to their website and sign up: Affiliates – ClickBank

You will fill in the initial create account form and then sign their terms and conditions to continue. This opens in a new pop up. Once you are done you can click back and click continue to move forward.

Once you have an account you can fill in the rest of your profile including your address, bank information and website information to get your Affiliate marketing account created and ready to go.

Creating your Clickbank account

How to make the most money using Clickbanks?

To maximize your profits by using Clickbanks on your website you will want to focus on your affiliate marketing tactics. What do I mean by this? Well, remember competition is tough. What you will want to do is focus on Ads with a good gravity score but don’t always go for the top. What is a gravity score? Well this is the score assigned to the ad from within Clickbanks which tells you how that product has performed so far for other affiliate marketers.

The second thing you will want to do right is focus on your ad placement within your content. Remember, internet surfers are savvy these days. To convert traffic to dollars you need to work your affiliate links into your content in a more subtle way to encourage your readers to click through. The days of large ads that yell at the readers to click should be gone. You should include the affiliate links as part of your blog content strategy. For example, do a comparison between products as your topic and the links should be within the body.


There is a lot of money to be made using Clickbanks as your affiliate marketing platform. You should as with any platform take your time to really be selective on what products you decide to run ads for and drive awareness to. Additionally based on their fee structure you should really decide on when is the right time to go with the platform to ensure it is free and stays free for you and just becomes a cash cow over time to drive real wealth to your online presence.

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