How to monetize your blog in 2023

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With the start of the new year and the side hustle culture still lingering, many are looking to learn how to monetize your blog in 2023 to add more income. Blogging is a great side hustle in that you can really do it in your own time and still maintain a full-time job while blogging. Yes, blogging does take hours of work to build and maintain ongoing, but you can do it whenever you have the time. When you work for yourself by being a blogger, you can set your own schedule for when you blog since you may not have control over your schedule of your full time job.

So how to monetize your blog in 2023 starts with a few assumptions.

  1. In order to be ready to monetize your blog in 2023, you need to ensure you have established your domain, your site and created the content to get ranked on search engines. Without traffic and awareness, there is no monetization.
  2. You should level set your expectations on what earning from your blog really means. If you are just starting down the path of blogging and trying to earn income from blogging, let’s be realistic. If you start with little traffic, as does everyone, then your income will be small when you start. The amount of income you make will be dependent on your ability to drive awareness. To give you a framework for this, for example, if you planned to use Google Adsense for your site to monetize then you should plan to make roughly $1.00 per every 1,000 visitors you have to your site monthly.
  3. You are prepared to take payment. Whatever path you go down to monetize your site you will need a formal way to collect payment and get approved on the platform. So if you plan to setup your blog business under your personal information and link it to your personal bank that is perfectly fine and what most will do for blogging.

It is always important to start with the assumptions about how to monetize your blog in 2023 because too often people read online about someone who starts and makes millions in a short period of time and now retired. The reality is that does not happen. To really be successful blogging, this takes a long period of time of consistent hard work. There are content providers who have been able to get viral and get awareness quicker but please keep in mind that is the rare case and not the normal situation for most bloggers out there.

So let’s move on now to the various ways you can monetize your blog in 2023!

  1. The most common way to get started with turning your blog into income is using Google Adsense. As most are comfortable with Google and know about the platform finding Google Adsense and registering is very straightforward and easy to do. Once your blog is approved by Google to run ads all you need to do is add a javascript to your site which will render the ads. The good side of Google Adsense is that it is easy and a great way to start. The bad side is that the revenue share of the ads and clicks are not that high so while you can get started this way, you really need to drive traffic to make significant income from this channel.
  2. Depending on what type of topics you blog about, another avenue to monetize your blog in 2023 would be to get into affiliate marketing. Again, to get started you can stick with popular platforms such as Amazon Affiliates or eBay Partner Network. What affiliate marketing will do is allow you to find products that are for sale on the ecommerce platforms that you think your readers would be interested in buying. You can then add a link from your site to the product. If someone clicks through your link and purchases the product on the ecommerce platform you make a percent of the revenue from the sale. Typically with this approach you can make more money per click and purchase however you need to really have established yourself to have enough traffic and trust by your readership where your recommendations will lead to a purchase.
  3. A popular trend in monetizing your website in 2023 has been to create online courses. With this approach you can create a private set of content that a reader would need to subscribe to and pay to gain access. This could range from a video or published content which teaches a skill or topic to your users. Everyone has a special talent or skill. The topic could be as small or large and as always the more niche the better. Think simple for this approach. I have seen content providers create an entire site and video course focused on how to use Excel better and be successful. The key is to find a topic that people need help on and create your courses to monetize your site.
  4. The last recommendation for how to monetize your blog in 2023 is to always be open to reviews and sponsored posts for your site. Once you get traffic and awareness other providers will want to use your traffic and awareness to help them establish theirs. This means they will pay you to write about their product, service or topic to get a link or to divert some of your traffic potentially to them to help them get started. This assumes of course that you have established yourself to some degree to get traffic. You always hear how people with money use that to make more money. The same is true with traffic. The more traffic you have the more money you will have by using that traffic to get more traffic which translates into revenue.

There are a number of ways to turn your side gig into income in 2023. The main theme across all of them however is traffic and awareness. If you are just starting out really push to increase your content and ensure it is quality writing which provides value to your readers. As you get more traffic, the monetization options open up. Be patient, be consistent and you will get there in 2023!

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